Maryanne (maweanne) wrote,

My heart hates me.

I think it's funny. I was the happiest I have ever been and than this happens.

I found out what's wrong with my heart or at least a little bit of it. I have an extra valve, my heart doesnt beat right, and i have a heart murmur which means everytime it beats, it clicks. Wonderful huh? They said that it's not the reason why I get what I do. I found out what I have is called heart palpatations in which I get vertigo too. They said it will happen again and when it does whoever im with needs to call 911. I had to tell everyone Thursday including teachers and work managers. I hate doing this and I hate having this. They said that if they cant find out why im having these episodes that I will first need medicine and than if that doesnt work I need surgery...
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