Maryanne (maweanne) wrote,

New Year's post or something of that sort...

Well I suppose this is my new years resolution post..
New Year's Resolution..
Dont really have one..
I guess besides becoming less paranoid about everything.
hmm, maybe also learning how to do more with make-up

speaking about make-up...

I got two jobs. One is currently being worked on and is called, "For Christ's Sake" and is being shot in Sarasota. It is starring scream queen Debbie Rochon who is an amazing women.

The second job has already been shot while I was in CT and Im just working on re shoots and such with mostly gore effects...brains..etc. It is called Dead End and is starring Linnea Quigley who was in Return of the Living Dead.

I am so excited my career or something along those lines is starting to come along. It all started with working at Halloween Horror Nights this year where I met my friend Jesse becuase he had a screamfest shirt on we continuely talked and he got me the job on FCS.
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